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Bahrain Driving License

Except UK and US licenses, no other license is valid and it is necessary to either sit a driving test (based on another nation’s license) or take instruction before sitting a test.

Lessons are about BD4 per hour. However most driving schools want you to sign up for min 20 lessons. You should have with you an International Driving Permit in the interim period. International Driving Permits are permitted but should be endorsed by the Directorate before use. You also need a Bahraini id card prior to applying a Bahraini driving license. This can take some time. You need to go to the Directorate which is located in Al-Ali and fill a form. When you are done with the official procedures, you choose your instructor from the list.

For UK and US licenses (as well as certain countries-please check with the Bahraini Ministry of Interior for the list), a Bahraini driving license will be issued upon personal application to the Traffic & Licensing Directorate.

Unlike Saudi Arabia, women are allowed to drive in Bahrain.





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