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Taxi & Bus Services in Bahrain


There are plenty of taxis in Bahrain, you can flag them down on the street. The taxicabs are easy to identify, they have orange markings and carry a 'Taxi' sign on the roof. Taxi service in Bahrain is government regulated, but the actual taxis are privately owned. Regardless of the type of car, the fare on the meter is identical. Taxis are easily identified by orange panels on the front and rear wings. Taxis to and from the airport are subject to a BD1 surcharge. On the meter, a ride from the airport to Manama should cost in the region of BD3. A journey within Manama should not run to more than BD2 on the meter.

Generally, taxi drivers have a good knowledge of Bahrain’s roads and are unlikely to get lost. However, they may speak only basic English. At peak times, taxis can become overbooked, so it is worth planning ahead if you want to make use of their services, especially in the early morning or mid-afternoon. You can ask the driver for a printed receipt, should you require it. Tips are not expected, but most customers offer 100 to 200 fils.

Taxi Companies

Bahrain Limo
Tel: 1733-9533
Fax: 1791-1008/ 1733-9133
Speedy Motors Services
P.O. Box 800,
Tel: 1768-2999
Fax: 1768-1000


Bus service in Bahrain is privately run, which serves most of the country. The buses are all air-conditioned and the service is cheap. A ticket will cost only a few hundred fils, payable in cash (there are no prepaid passes available) and buses are reasonably frequent. Buses are primarily used by the expatriate workforce and are not geared up for the tourist industry.

Cars Transport Corporation (commonly known as Cars) offers around 40 air-conditioned buses that offer comfortable rides with services that run from 5 am to 12 midnight.





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