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Museums & Galleries in Bahrain


Bahrain National Museum

The museum is situated beside the harbour at the Manama end of the Shaikh Hamad Causeway to Muharraq and is housed in a series of low, modern, rectangular buildings and was opened in 1988 at a cost of BD13 million. Entrance is 500 fils for adults and children are admitted free of charge.

There is a guide book to the museum which is available at the Bab Al Bahrain tourist shop and in the museum itself. It gives a floor plan of the museum and has coloured photographs and short informative articles about the main exhibits.

Children especially will love the Hall of Customs and Traditions and the Hall of Trades and Crafts, where life-size models of people are displayed in realistic settings, showing how life in Bahrain was lived in pre-oil, pre-air-conditioning times, and also the exhibits in the Hall of Graves, where skeletal remains of people are laid out in reconstructed burial mounds in the positions in which they were found during excavation. A special section of the Hall of Graves gives a fascinating insight into how people lived all those millennia ago. A study of their skeletons has shown their gender, age and height, as well as the type of food they ate and the diseases from which they suffered. The Natural History Exhibition features examples of the mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, molluscs, minerals and fossils found in Bahrain.

Before leaving, go to the museum shop where you can buy traditional handicrafts, books, films, postcards and souvenirs of your visit.

Bahrain Fort Museum

Bahrain Fort Museum was inaugurated in Bahrain in February 2008 and the museum was built very close to the ancient fort, and according to modern design allows the convergence of light and air, and vision allows visitors to identify five major eras the archaeological findings.

The museum is located on the coast ‬on the northeast part of the fort, ‮and the base is ‬an anchorage on the sea. The‬ museum has been designed to be based on building‮‬ consists of two floors off the sea while supporting facilities are located in Building consists of one floor and a courtyard/garden café and cafeterias that offers different selection of food.

Beit Al Quran

Located in the city of Manama, Beit Al Quran or "House of Quran" was inaugurated in march 1990. It consists of several floors and characterised by a most distinctive Islamic design.

The Beit Al Quran houses ancient manuscripts of the Holy Quran, that have been, collected from the Islamic World, in general and from North Africa, Iran, India and China. It also displays great Islamic artefacts, jewellery and gold-ornamented glass utensil.

The building also includes a lecture hall provide with sophisticated equipment, a library of scientific and Islamic reference books, and an Arabic calligraphy exhibition and translation of the Quran into several languages.

Currency Museum

This specialised museum is located in the premise of the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) in the Diplomatic Area. Displayed in the museum are ancient Arab, Islamic and Byzantine coins mined of gold and silver. The museum houses one of the nine rarest Islamic currency coins in the World. All currencies circulated in Bahrain since the early Islamic dynasties are on display with full historical details. The museum is of great benefit for currency collectors and to Islamic currency research scholars.

Oil Museum

Located a few metres from the first oil well discovered in 1932 near Jebel Dukhan, or "Mountain of Smoke", at Sakhir, the Oil Museum was officially inaugurated in 1992.

It houses old drilling equipment, samples of rocks found underground, topographical maps and some information about the companies that had participated in the exploration for oil. Bahrain was the first country to discover oil in the Arabian Gulf region.

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