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Souks (Markets) in Bahrain


Fish Market

Fishing, a major source of employment and income for Bahrain in the pre-oil era, remains an important activity today. The fish market is a great place to see the wide variety of fresh fish and shellfish available from Bahrain’s waters.

Th market was established in 1978 as a produce market for fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and meat. It covers a large area in Central Manama by Marina Mall, Ramez Trading and the large MegaMart Supermarket. Nearly all of the fruit and vegetables are imported from all over the world and there is a diverse range catering for all the different nationalities that live in Bahrain. This is your best chance of picking up produce when it is most fresh. The traders will want you to buy in bulk, but will usually be quite happy to sell smaller amounts of their fruit and vegetables.

Gold Souk

Most of the jewellery here is either 21 or 22 carat, some even pure 24 carat gold. There are over a hundred jewellery shops located near Bab Al Bahrain, in the gold souk building & the newly-opened Gold City. You can also get a piece of jewellery custom-made to your own design. Take a picture or photo with you and chat to the goldsmiths. Know the current gold prices and negotiate a price before you make an order or buy anything.

Manama Souk

Situated just beyond Bab Al Bahrain, the shops, range from small stalls to leading department stores, you can find everything from clothes to electronics, tobacco to incense, spices to toys and antiques to gold.

The souk is divided into areas, the most well known of which is the gold souk. There is also a textile souk, a colourful, aromatic spice souk and a tin souk, but everything is sold in the souk, including cheap clothing, electrical goods and some interesting souvenirs. Check out the singing camels and plastic mosque alarm clocks – some of the most popular souvenirs for visitors to Bahrain. You will find stalls selling traditional herbs, leaf tobacco, local craft items and all sorts of fascinating odds and ends.

Isa Town

Souk al Haraj (Flea Market)

This souk (also locally known as the Iranian market) in Isa Town is popular for antique collectors and bargain-hunters. The Items range from the old and unusual to the easily-available but cheap. An excellent place to pick up a bargain.

There is also a large discount emporium, Ramez Trading, as part of the market. It is well signposted in the Isa Town area with signs indicating Isa Town Local Market off Quds Avenue.





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